Tapage & Cuarteto Latinoamericano

Premiered at the VIIe Musica Y Escena Festival, Mexico City (2005). Toured in France, Japan, Mexico and the US (2005/2011).

"From their collaboration with the musical ensemble Cuarteto Latinoamericano was born a performance filled with brilliance, sensuality, technical expertise and inventiveness."
—R. Peilloux, Director of the Théâtre de Morlaix (France).

"A concert splendidly conceived and performed… Dansaq is an unexpected collaboration between music and dance visiting numerous styles, languages and influences with the brilliant concept of music and movement of Tapage, and exceptional fire and interpretation of the Cuarteto Latinoamericano."
—Arturo Brennan, La Jornada (Mexico).

Concept, Choreography & Dance:
Tapage (Mari Fujibayashi & Olivia Rosenkrantz).

Cuarteto Latinoamericano:
Saúl Bitrán & Arón Bitrán (violins), Javier Montiel (viola), Álvaro Bitrán (cello).

Guest percussionists:
Ricardo Gallardo (Mexico), Victor Binot (France), Ryan Korb (USA), Asuka Hatanaka (Japan).

Javier Álvarez, Miguel Del Águila, Federico Ibarra, Thomas Oboe Lee, Astor Piazzolla, Silvestre Revueltas, Jorge Torres Saenz, Tadao Sawaï, Roberto Sierra, Reza Vali.

Lighting design: Olivier Irthum.


Tap & Orchestra

Hommage to Mexican composer Silvestre Revueltas (1899-1940). Premiered in 2001, Salle Poirel, Nancy, France.

"Mari & Olivia add soul to their dance. With the palm of their feet, they hit, caress, and voluptuously strike the floor that give them strenght. Their body becomes a percussive instrument that does not compete with but completes the orchestra."
—Gérard Charut, l'Est Républicain.

"Stunning and amazing! Revueltas music is astonishing. The two dancers excel avoiding any purely technical or physical effect."
—Michel Marty, l'Est Républicain.

Concept, Choreography & Dance:
Tapage (Mari Fujibayashi & Olivia Rosenkrantz).

With the Ensemble Chœurs et Orchestre de Gradus Ad Musicam directed by François Legée.

Voice: Jeanine Védrenne.

Charles Davo, Michel Deltruc, Fred Leboube.

Guest Choreographers:
Brenda Bufalino, Heather Cornell.

Poems by:
Pablo Neruda, Nicolas Guillen, Akutagawa Ryûnosuke.

Light design: Olivier Irthum.

Photos: J.P. Stella.

This project was made possible with the help of the French Ministry of Culture, D.R.A.C de Lorraine & Association Théâtre Expression Musique.


with the Quatuor Stanislas

Premiered in 2001, Salle Poirel, Nancy, France

"The outcome of the union of rhythmic style and choreography was an exemplary collaboration between the visible and the audible."
—Pierre Jeandidier, chroniques des Jeunesses Musicales de France.

"80 minutes of absolute grace, aesthetic delight and pure emotion."
—Gérard Charut, L’Est Républicain

Concept, Choreography & Dance:
Tapage (Mari Fujibayashi & Olivia Rosenkrantz).

Quatuor Stanislas:
Laurent Causse & Bertrand Menut (violins), Paul Fenton (viola), Jean de Spengler (cello), Marcel Artzer (percussion), Bertrand Rieske (accordion).

Light design: Olivier Irthum.

Sound: Raoul Binot.

Photo: Guy Grunberg.

With the support of the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles de Lorraine, the Conseil Régional de Lorraine, Théâtre Expression Musique.


Tapage’s crossing of cultures with storytellers, jazz, classical, and traditional music ensembles of many origins. This series of performances premiered in 2001, Kyoto Arts Center, Japan.

"Cutting edge! Sophisticated! … The dance highlighted the music and the music ignited the dance."
—Marsha Wagner, Sanibel Captiva Islander (USA)

"Tapage has integrated tap and contemporary dance with sensuous movements, exciting rhythms, text, Latin, American and Japanese music."
—Harold Lieberman, Sanibel Captiva Islander (USA)

Concept, Choreography, Singing & Tap Dance:
Tapage (Mari Fujibayashi & Olivia Rosenkrantz).

Olivia Rosenkrantz.

Mioshi Genzan (shakuhachi), Yuri Fujibayashi (piano), Kenichi Yamakita (percussion), Wataru Uematsu (percussion), Ryo Sato (percussion), Ranna Sakimoto (cello), Takanori Yamagishi (guitar), Hiromi Yamagishi (storytelling), Kaoru Shibuya (storytelling), Claudia Gomez (singing, guitar & percussion), John Collianni (piano), Earl May (bass), Ed Ornowski (drums).

Tapage à Trois

A singing and tap dancing trio act performed in New York City cabarets (before the creation of the duet Tapage).

Premiered at the “5 & 10, No Exageration”, New York City (1991).

Concept, Choreography, Singing & Tap Dance:
Mari Fujibayashi, Olivia Rosenkrantz, Carrie Robbins.

Musical Direction & Piano:
Louis St. Louis.

Vocal Arrangements:
Mari Fujibayashi.

Olivia Rosenkrantz, Carrie Robbins.


Colorado Music Festival (2008).
New York City Center Fall for Dance Festival (2005).
II Univ'l Forum of Cultures, Monterrey, Mexico (2007).
VII Festival Int'l Musica Y Escena, Mexico City (2005).
Int'l Tap Festivals (performance & teaching):
The New York City Tap Festival.
Tap in Riga, Latvia.
Tap in Tallinn, Estonia.
Feet Beat, Helsinki, Finland.
Tap Ahead, Düsseldorf, Germany.
Tap Parade, Moscow & St. Petersburg, Russia.

"Fujibayashi and Rosenkrantz pull tap dance into an austerely contemporary world, using their rhythms as a counterpoint to the music with graceful and impassive authority." —New York City Center Fall for Dance Festival, Roslyn Sulcas, The New York Times

"Astounding… Tapage married tap and contemporary dance, creating a real break-through in this field…" —Marina Raika, Moskovsky Komsomoletz, Moscow

"The evening’s most sophisticated choreography in a chic duet with split second timing and synchrony" —(New York City Tap Festival 2006, Duke Theatre) Jennifer Dunning, the New York Times

"…Sensemayá looked stunning, bringing tap as close as it's ever come to the sublime" — Brian Siebert, the Village Voice

"Contemporary tap at its best" — Jussi Tossavainen, Helsinki Sanomat (Feet beat Festival)

Tapage performing with:

Colorado Music Festival:
the Colorado Music Festival Chamber Orchestra, directed by Michael Christie, and readers Yolanda Noriega and Tony Garcia (Su Teatro, Denver).

NYC Center Fall for Dance Festival:
:Todd Reynolds & Timothy Fain (violins), Danielle Farina (viola), Wendy Sutter (cello).

Musica Y Escena, II Universal Forum of Cultures:
Cuarteto Latinoamericano and Ricardo Gallardo (percussion).

Tap Ahead:
actor Mitch Heinrich.


TAPAGE’s inventive world of sound and movement find its inspiration performing internationally with singers, actors, jazz, world, and classical music ensembles. Artistic director/choreographer/dancer Mari Fujibayashi (Japan) and Olivia Rosenkrantz (France/New York) met in New York City while studying with the "American legends of rhythm tap", and performing with Brenda Bufalino’s American Tap Dance Orchestra. They created the duo Tapage to combine their Asian, European roots and New York experience, incorporating dramatic intensity, rhythmic complexity with a contemporary gesture.

Performance highlights include the New York City Center Fall for Dance Festival, 92nd street Y “Fridays at noon”, The Colorado Music Festival, Monterrey Universal Forum of Cultures, Mexico City’s Teatro de la Danza & Musica Y Escena Festival, Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Music Hall in Carnegie, and Tokyo’s ALTI Hall (with Latin Grammy Award winner string quartet Cuarteto Latinoamericano). Tapage has been guest of numerous international tap festivals, celebrated for their unique and inventive voice in the art form of tap dancing.

Mari and Olivia recently joined Savion Glover for his performances of "OM" at The Joyce Theater.

“Fujibayashi and Rosenkrantz have developed stage works in which cultural barriers come closer, erase and find each other. Their individual trajectories, studies and projects converge in a completely organic way in the work they create together as Tapage. As it often happens when writing about an ensemble breaking cultural barriers and transcending the norm with such an ease, the international press has described Tapage’s work with colorful adjectives: Mysterious, poetic, innovative, sexy, exotic, captivating, hypnotic, fluid, amazing, daring, unusual, sensual, postmodernist, sophisticated, cutting edge, expressive, dramatic, fascinating."
—Juan Arturo Brennan, Mexico City


Born and raised in France, Olivia spent her childhood performing with Theatre Expression Musique, surrounded by actors, musicians, and poets before moving to New York City where she currently resides. Olivia is, with accomplice Mari Fujibayashi, the artistic director, choreographer and dancer of the duo Tapage, performing internationally with singers, actors, jazz, world, and classical music ensembles.

Olivia has spent over two decades working and performing with some of the most influential tap dance artists. She recently appeared in Savion Glover’s “OM” at the Joyce theater (NYC). From ’91 to ’96, she was dancer and vocalist for Brenda Bufalino’s American Tap Dance Orchestra. She toured with Heather Cornell’s Manhattan Tap (performing alongside jazz artist Ray Brown, tap Legend Buster Brown, Crosspulse Ensemble and Keith Terry). She was choreographer/dancer with the Kathak Ensemble in “Ka-Tap” (North Indian Kathak meets tap), and performed with Mad Theatricals, Tap Express and “Y not Tap”. Olivia has been assistant to choreographer Brenda Bufalino, in the recreation of her master pieces within the New Tap Dance Orchestra, and the New York City Tap Festival.

Olivia has performed and taught extensively across the United States, Japan, Russia, France, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Brazil, and Mexico. In New York City she was faculty of Steps, Broadway Dance Center, Woodpeckers, Ballet Arts. Performance Highlights include the New York City Center Fall for Dance Festival, the 92nd street Y, Lincoln Center, the Joyce Theater (NYC), Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburgh), The Colorado Music Festival performing with the CMF chamber Orchestra directed by Michael Christie, ALTI Hall in Tokyo, Musica y Escena Festival and Teatro de la Danza in Mexico City with Latin Emmy Award winner Cuarteto Latinoamericano.

She is the author of a book on dancing in New York (Editions de l’Est) with forewords by modern dance legends Murray Louis and Alvin Nikolais whom she studied with. Her photo/sound installations have been presented in contemporary art and photo exhibitions in France (TEM expo 2012 , Biennale Internationale de l’Image de Nancy in 2014).

"...Stylishly ebullient Olivia Rosenkrantz..."
—Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

“I especially admired the French O. Rosenkrantz's vim and her sense of the whole body in space..."
—Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

"French born Rosenkrantz, who is very much alive, shines as a dancer/singer who can adapt style with effortless versatility. She is definitely one to watch.”
—Hillary Ostlere, Chelsea Clinton News

©Olivia Rosenkrantz

Mari Fujibayashi began tap dancing at age 9 in Kyoto, Japan. After receiving her BA in music from Dohisha Women’s College (Kyoto), she moved to New York City and continued to study voice at Mannes College, contemporary dance at Martha Graham school. She is the first tap artist to be awarded a grant from the Japanese government for artistic studies abroad. In New York City Mari was recently part of Savion Glover’s OM at the Joyce theater. She has performed with the American Tap Dance Orchestra, Theatre Rock Company and appeared with Manhattan Tap. She created the duo Tapage with accomplice Olivia Rosenkrantz. Since 2000, Tapage has been invited to perform internationally with classical orchestras, jazz ensembles and string quartets. Mari currently lives in Japan where she continues to collaborate with jazz and classical musicians.


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